HRMS ERP Software
HRMS ERP Software

সব রকমের গার্মেন্টস HRMS ERP Software বিক্রি করা হয়

সব রকমের Garments HRMS Software বিক্রি করা হয়

আমরা গার্মেন্টস, টেক্সটাইল, প্রিন্টিং, ওয়াসিং, ডাইং সহ সকল Garments কারখানার জন্য Garments HRMS ERP Software বিক্রি করে থাকি। এছাড়া আমরা HRMS ERP Software আউটসরসিং করে থাকি। দেশের সনাম ধন্য সকল HRMS ERP Software কোম্পানি আমাদের সাথে সংযুক্ত আছেন। আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন [email protected]

We sale all types of Garments Textile HRMS ERP Software with best price for new garments. Bangla.Autogarment – Garment Management System is developed for Apparel / Garments/Textile Industries. We sale all Clothing HRMS ERP in cheapest price. We are the authorized distributor of all largest software company situated in Bangladesh. Please contact us .

Software List

Textile / Garments Management System

  • Apparel Garments Management System
  • A Standard ZAP ERP Pdf Manuals for an Industry
  • IT Consulting for Apparel Industry
  • Pdf – Word Converter Free
  • Software Requirements Specification Example for Garments
  • What is SAP Software? SAP ERP Software for Sale

Human Resource Management System

  • HRMS and Payroll Software for Clothing Industry
  • Fashion Employ Management
  • Fashion Stuff Management
  • Fashion Payroll Management
  • Fashion Attendance & Overtime Management

Inventory Management ERP

  • Computerized Inventory Control System Pdf Manual
  • Chemical Inventory Management System
  • Billing and Inventory Management Software Free Download

RMG HRM  ERP – Vehicle Management

  • Online Vehicle Management System Software
  • Digital Water Flow Meter Measurement System Analysis

RMG  ERP – Accounts Management

  • Tally ERP 9 Software
  • Recurring Journal
  • Garment Buyer Indexing System
  • Fashion Proposal Management System

RMG  ERP – Marketing & Merchandising

  • Merchandising Management Information System ERP

RMG  ERP – Commercial Management


RMG ERP – Procurement Management

RMG ERP – Production Management

  • Cutting Plan
  • A Web Base Textile ERP and Garment Software Solution
  • Year Closing Management Information
  • Garments CAD
  • Dyeing Management
  • Sampling

RMG ERP – Lab Management

  • Datacolor Guardian
  • DCIMatch 1.1
  • Datacolor Tools 1.0

RMG ERP –Planning

  • Knitting Plan
  • Yarn Allocation
  • Planning Info Entry
  • Yarn Requisition Entry
  • Daily Yarn Demand Entry

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He is Top Class Digital Marketing Expert in bd based on Google Yahoo Alexa Moz analytics reports. He is open source ERP Implementation Expert for RMG Industry. He is certified IT Professional from Aptech, NCC, New Horizons & Post Graduated from London Metropolitan University (External) in ICT . You can Hire him. Email- [email protected], Cell# +880 1792525354

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