Meeting Minutes for Maintenance Department  

Meeting Minutes for Maintenance Department  
Meeting Minutes for Maintenance Department  

Meeting Minutes for Maintenance Department

Olymp:Introducing Sr. Production Manager Khawja Jahir Ahmed as the Second person after DGM production COO asked him to take control of the Olymp floor more effectively and efficiently and instructed him to directly meet with COO for any support.At the same time COO asked Mr. Forhad to give a clear picture of 02 In charge of Olymp floor within 31st December.

Espirit:COO asked the Espirit team to follow the system of Espirit office strictly.COO asked to take action against Mr. Rofiq of store due to negligence of duty.

Tom Tailor:COO asked Mr. Alam to introduce and set up the same quality taste as of Interfab to Unit-2 Shirin complex since we are running production in that premise.COO asked DGM, Production and Quality Manager Mr. Alam to be in Shirin complex for at least 2 days in a week.As Mr. Ranjit planned to utilize next Friday for maintenance of machineries DGM asked to prepare a detail plan for maintenance and submit to him.At the same COO asked Mr. Ranjit to make a full list of all the ideal machine of all floors within 02 days.COO also instructed that maintenance of all the source of energy including the Boiler, Generator and Compressor should maintained regularly and strictly.COO declared in the meeting for the last 5 months business performance ISML lacks 15% from the targeted achievement. The main lack was in the month of November. The main reasons for this lack are – Less sales , – Less ProductionCOO advised some points to come out from this situation.Production must cross December target

Rulls of Meeting Minutes maintenance Department

  1. Significant amount of sales has to be COO asked Mr. Shohag to seat with all the SD, MM and commercial to fulfill the target and make a detail plan.
  2. COO ordered the production dept to be more cautious regarding overtime. He instructed to leave some workers within 5.00 pm. COO declared emergency on this issue
  3. COO spell out that for the next 06 months there will be no access booking and no access material. He advised every MM people to be care full about material booking.
  4. COO asked Mr. Monowar to submit a report in this issue. As Chinese Holyday is heading forward he also advised to get the goods from China in advance.
  5. COO asked Mr. Samiron to submit the revised budget and also ordered that no expense should be done exceeding the budget.
  6. COO asked to subm
  7. t the reconciliation report of Hugo Boss within short.He asked Production Manager Mr. Aziz to strictly control of all accessories of Hugo Boss. He advised Mr. Alam to follow on this issue.
  8. COO asked Mr. Rashidul of Techno Business to watch out the SAP status of SD people.

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