wages and payment of wages

wages and payment of wages
wages and payment of wages

  Payment of Wages

  1. Define wages. State when and how wages should be paid. Who are responsible for payed of wages? Explain – All wages should be paid on the working day.
  2. Define Wages. Explain the method of payment of wages.
  3. How and when can wages be deducted?
  4. As per law, is there any provision to deduct from wages?
  5. What is the method to obtain wages when it has not been paid?


  1. Discuss the employer’s responsibility about compensation in case of accidents and the method that guarantees compensation during employment in such cases.
  2. In what situations is an employer not compelled to pay compensation-describe. Describe when an employer is compelled to pay compensation to an injured worker.
  3. Serious injury, determination of amount of compensation, report of serious injuries, doctor’s examination, method of determination of wages, summoning of statement from the employer in case of serious injuries and method of payment of compensation in case of contracts-explain.

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